5 Amazing Toddler and Preschool Letter Recognition Activities

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My 4.5 year old son is doing a mix of Pre-K/Kindergarten this year and his school routine, although mostly play based, is somewhat structured. When we started the year my 2 year old daughter was more than happy to play next to us or “assist” me in teaching her brother.

As she has gotten a little older she is now really ready to learn. She is asking to do school and although her idea of school lasts for just a few short minutes I feel as though there is just no reason not to.

That being said, at this age I one hundred percent believe that schooling is all games. It has to be fun, engaging, fast paced and attainable for it to develop the love of learning that she will need.

Here is a new game that we played today and a few others from some other amazing bloggers. Let me know which ones you tried and how your little ones enjoyed them. For more about how we homeschool and why click here.

  1. Play Doh Cutting Letter Game: There is nothing my 2 year old loves more than cutting some play doh. I think its the fact that she feels like she is getting to use a “knife”. I also think she likes this sensory type play. Whatever the reason, it works and it keeps her occupied. All we did for this simple activity is have her cut a piece and then I would say a letter that she had to place the piece of play doh on. She knows the letter F as its the first letter of her name, but the others we are just introducing. Her big brother helped her when she wasn’t sure which letter needed the piece of play doh. Regardless it’s a great way to reinforce the letters and it incorporates a little fine motor practice for your toddler as well.
  2. Paper Plate Alphabet Memory Game: This is a great game and cheap to set up. As my kids got older I would use this to help them with upper case and lower case letters as well. Here is the link to learn more about this simple and effective game.
  3. Alphabet Find: Here is another great game that gets kids moving around the house. I absolutely love when my children can burn off some excess energy and learn all at the same time. Follow the link to get more information about this educational play game.
  4. Letter/Color Identification Race: This one is an Ankle Biters original. My kids call this the Hall Game and ask to play it daily. You can follow this link and scroll to the bottom for the full directions but I’ll warn you there will be lots of laughs and toddler sweat!
  5. Simple Paper Plate Letter Recognition: I like this activity because it focuses on one letter at a time. Great thing for someone who is trying a letter of the week program with their child.

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